History of Kandebedda Sri Nagaramaya

The Ruins of Old Stupa

In the area which was related to the temple there are remained old ruins of a Stupa. There are two reasons proving there was a stupa earlier. One reason is, when doing excavations in this temple area there were old red rocks under the surface. Other reason is, this area is known as ‘Veherahena’ which stands for ‘the land of temple’. An old merit page made by Palmyra leaves contains information about the temple that, this has been constructed in the era of King Dutu Gemunu. In the duration of Sapugoda Thero this temple was reconstructed and placed the pinnacle in the top of the shrine. The same source states that this land has been donated for the temple in 1751 DC. In the past some of the partitions of this temple land was handed over to the Maanikgoda Ganinnanse and virtuous People.

Period of Prarabadha

Considering this chronicle, It’s obvious that this temple was from the duration of King Dutu Gemunu. Also there were monasteries and shrines even in the period of virtuous people. So it’s not clear if there were monks been from the Dutugemunu era. Over the time the buildings got ruined with no help from any authority of this very time period which proves when no Epigraphs were made.

Period of Virtuous People

The monastery was there in the period of King Seethawaka Rajasinghe who killed his father. It was one of the black eras of Buddhist dispensation. In the time of Monks who had Siyam ordination for the renaissance of the Buddhist dispensation in Srilanka(2296 BC), there were many people who got named ‘Silvath Ganaya’ (Virtuous people) lived according to the ‘Ten Sil’ in temples. With of the elevation of Monks who had ordination, there were no way to get priesthood or ordination.

Older sources

Old merit pages mention that this was a sanctuary in that black era of Buddhist dispensation. The merit page given to the Maanikgoda Ganinnanse is one of the sources. It was proved by the government in the year of 1814. That merit land is still located as a temple. As of the sources this was a temple from 272 years (around 1668 DC). Another merit page mentioned that this donation to the Ganinnanse and virtuous Person of land was happened after the construction of shrine in this temple land. The lands including in this merit page mentioned that they were donated to the Ganinnanse and virtuous Person first. According to this merit page, the shrine was constructed in that era 265 (1678-1940) years ago from that time. Lands which were donated to the Ganinnanse and virtuous Person were occupied to the temple and re-consecrated. This proves that these lands were re-consecrated by Persons who were related to the previous contributors and settle down. Who are this Venerable Ganinnanse and virtuous Person? Can think Ganinnanse who was the Incumbent of this temple and virtuous Person who was the student of Ganinnanse.

Monastery and other stuff

Buddha Statue here was constructed in the year of 1801. The small shrine in here was constructed in the year 1811. And also there was provenance kept in the small shrine. Monastery in here was constructed in the duration of Radhawela Thero. We can’t see the old hermitages now due to the extinction. We can see limitations of canon laws here.

The Monarchy

As mentioned in before the monarchy of this temple was handedover to the Sapugoda Siddhartha Thero and time to time that monarchy was handedover to the student Theros. But the Statue was constructed at that time(the period of Kanumul Deniye Medhalankara Thero) which is combined with old small joss house is not finished yet.

Sanctuaries Under This Temple

Yahalmulla temple
Kahawella hermitage
Panamwela hermitage